Judge André ERDOS

My name is André ERDOS. I’m 55, married, I have two grown children and a small 6 year-old son. I live in Cherbourg, in the Cotentin part of the beautiful region of Normandy.
My arrival in the dog world dates from 1983 with a German shepherd.
In 1997, I did agility with a German Shepherd Dog and was selected for the French Championship in 1999 and for the final of the Grand Prix de France in 2003. Currently I train with a Jack Russell terrier.
I have been a dog club trainer and instructor since 2000. It was at this moment that I decided to start training as an agility judge. I was appointed judge in November 2002 and became an international judge in 2005. Since then I have had the pleasure to judge several French finals and in Jersey in 2007 and 2008 and recently Avallon CUP 2017.
It is a great pleasure to judge the EOJ 2018 and even more in The Netherlands great sports nation.

PS: Picture taken in 2016 in The Netherlands !!!