Judge Henk Postma

Hi I’m Henk Postma and live in the north of Netherlands the part named Fryslan! I do Agility more than 30 years with several breeds. I run most of the time with small and medium dogs but also have run some large dogs of different breeds and mixes.

The breeds I have run with are: Australian Cattle Dog, Markiesje, Mix Spitzs, Papillons, Dwarf Poodle, Border Collie, Croatian Sheepdog, Mix German Sheperd, Malinois, Dwarf Pincher. You see I have run several breeds and I like them all! I have run at World Championships several times for the Netherlands and of course some other big International competitions.

I hope I will see lots of happy faces in the competition enjoying the runs you make with your ultimate team mate your dog. Having fun while running is the beginning of everything.