Judge Martin Schoffelmeer

Martin Schoffelmeer, 53 years old and Dutch FCI judge. For more than 25 years I started with my first dog in agility. I live together with my wife, three Border Collies and Belgium Shepard. In spare time we spend a lot of time at the dogs and agility.

I’m very honored to Judge the EO Junior. My thanks to the Dutch Kennel Club Raad van Beheer and the FCI for the confidence and selection to judge this beautiful competition. Beside that I’m a FCI agility judge, you can see me as a active handler ad competitions mostly in the Netherlands and Germany. For over 20 years I’m also giving trainings at a dog school and give the last 10 years also Agility
Workshops in the Netherlands and Germany. As Judge I’m mostly active in Germany and the Netherlands.

Characteristic my courses are fast and smooth lines, with sequences which are looking easily and are not so easy as the look and parts of the courses which looking difficult and aren’t so difficult. In my courses a well-trained combination will have their advantages.
The courses are spaciously and not very short and most of time very fast.

I know that I will enjoy judging ad the EO Junior. We will see a great performance from young agility handlers and their dogs as well as enthusiastic, great sport event.
I wish all participants good luck and a very beautiful and successful EO junior. We see you and have a nice stay in the Netherlands.

Martin Schoffelmeer
FCI Judge Dutch Kennel Club, Raad van Beheer