Important: change of location

Dear competitors, standholder, team leaders, and everyone involved with the EOJ 2018.

Note: please communicate the news below to all people you know that will be coming tot he EOJ 2018 in the Netherlands.
Back to the original location:

Due to problems with getting permits for camping for our location a month ago, we put in a lot of effort to get the event running again. First we tried to seek camping place short by. When this didn’t work out we tried other locations for the total event. The first, location Werkendam, eventually went wrong, In our desperation, when we got the invitation to move the event to Breda, we took it with both hands. While the location gave us a certain go for the event (even though the camping still had to pass Township to get a permit) they now have informed us that nothing can take place there including the event itself.

Now, in days for the event, we again have to move. The event will move to our first location:

HORSEVENUE (Paardensportcentrum) Den Goubergh, were we have a permit for the event, also we found a Camping field (with permit) on 1,5 km distance (15 minute walk) an several Campings in the area who are willing to take larger groups of camping guests.

We sincerely apologize to you all for the chaotic information bulletins concerning moving of the event to other places. While it now seems that this wasn’t necessary after all, we handled at that time in what we thought was in your best interests.

Now after weeks of tension and uncertainty we can assure you that the event will take place at PSC DEN Goubergh in Roosendaal (adres: Oude Ettensebaan 36, 4706 PG Roosendaal).

The ground surface is sand and we will provide spaces for the teams.

We’re looking forward to a great event, See you Soon!

Entry Closed

Please note that all entry’s are closed. We will not accept any changes anymore.


The schedule has been published.
You can view it by clicking on this link, or in the menu under “Event”
We will update as soon as possible with the judges.