Judge Sandy Ammerlaan

I’m Sandy Ammerlaan, 42, and I started agility when I was about 25. I started for fun with my Finnish Lapphunds, and I liked it so much that it became a very important part of my life. Now I am ‘between dogs’ as my pumi Csilla is 10 and retired from agility, and my crazy new friend is a rescued Spanish Waterdog who still needs to learn a lot.

I love agility in so many ways: as a handler, a teacher, a coach, and ofcourse as a judge. I love the basic part of agility, as it is teambuilding between you and your dog. I also love the sports part of agility, as there are so many things that have to come together for a perfect run. Both dog and handler needs to be fit, your dog needs to be trained well, the teamwork needs to be good, ánd also you need to make the right choices in the course. It’s hard work, but a fun journey!

In 2013 I became official judge for the Dutch Kennelclub and since then I had the pleasure to judge many nice competitions. I get goosebumps when (almost) perfect runs are ran on my courses. Let’s hope for a lot of goosebumps on the EOJ Agility 2018!